Civic & Community Service

In addition to Team HEAT WAVE’s numerous appearances at exhibition events and drag strips across the nation, the team keeps pace with a fairly high level profile in civic and community service both in their home community as well as when they are traveling across the nation with their race cars.

Team HEAT WAVE can be found participation in safety fairs, school presentations, scouting events, church events and various other civic and community activities in addition to the exhibition shows they participate in at drag strips across the county.  You may even see them on television as you’re flipping through the channels some time, again on a local level as well as on nation coverage.

Both Sam and Dixie Ives have been acknowledged in the past by various organization for their participation in civic and community service.  Among those awards, those shown below:

“2003 Citizen of the Year Award”- Presented by Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, Tulsa Oklahoma