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Tulsa County HEAT WAVE Jet Car

The main focus of the HEAT WAVE team is education and entertainment.
We present our program in a positive and professional manner, bringing young people together with law enforcement in a innovative and non-confrontational agenda while having fun, literally a BLAST, and conveying to youth the importance of staying in school and refraining from illegal drug and alcohol use as well as other unhealthy activities, and targeting drivers of all ages with the message to refrain from illegal street racing. Obviously, the real excitement comes from the HEAT WAVE’S exhibition runs at drag strips and airshows across the country.

With a thundering fire and smoke show, and speeds over 270 mph, and potentially 300 mph, in a 1/4 mile, the HEAT WAVE team presents the law enforcement version of shock and awe. We strive to build a positive relationship between law enforcement and the general public.

We have a heartfelt passion to help youth realize each of them has the capability of reaching their dreams if they make wise and healthy life choices.

Our Schedule